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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the rest of his life will be spent behind bars. live in the newsroom. keith russell, news4. we are less than 24 hours from a big afternoon down at nationals park. game three between the nationals and the cards will be played right here in washington tomorrow. as exciting as it is, getting ready for a challenge, the morning rush and afternoon rush could be quite a challenge. adam joins us now live from the navy yard metro with what you can expect. adam? >> reporter: this may be overstating the obvious but pack your patience if you're coming here for the game tomorrow. >> reporter: getting ready for the playoffs at the ballpark. with tim ga rt stag smack in the middle of the day, 1:00, and likely ending right as rush hour revvs up, should commuters be ready for something they've never seen before. >> everybody should have a game plan. they need to know how they're going to get home tomorrow.
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if there is any way to avoid this area. that's what we recommend. >> reporter: d-dot is deploying its own team of officers and crossing guards to guide drivers away from nats park after the game. >> we will have some of our traffic safety engineers, or draft signal engineers will be monitoring things remotely and they'll be able to change the signal timing if they need to. >> reporter: 40,000 plus fans leaving the stadium, mixing with the afternoon commute. it probably won't be much easier on the routes will. >> we will be running extra trains on the green line as we do for most nationals games. but we'll be running them several hours in advance of the game. >> reporter: now, obviously it will be a little more crowded than this when the game starts tomorrow. but metro says you should definitely expect large crowds. especially at the two main transfers. l'enfant plaza. >> i'm leaving early. i'm not going to be around when
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all the madness happens. >> reporter: but others feel they've paid their dues and this is all part of the experience. >> i think it is a function of any city, you know, where there is an important game. you'll have a sellout crowd. you'll obviously have a lot of issues with a lot of people. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, we'll let you know why the best way to get here tomorrow may be on two wheels. live at the navy yard metro station. news4. >> we want to welcome adam. a familiar name to us. >> we've been will nlistening t. all of my friends told me, congratulated us for stealing you from them. so welcome. it is really good. >> reporter: nice to be here. >> it is good to see and you really good to have you on board. and good luck getting home tonight in the commute. >> he know how to do that. >> reporter: to everybody out there. good luck to everybody. >> thanks. with game three and game four during the day, you can imagine people are already
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thinking about their excuse to get from, to get out of work the next couple days. coming up at 5:30, pat collins will be joining us live to tell us how people are planning to get out of work so they can go to the playoffs. he's better be here tomorrow. so should all of us be bundle up for the nats tomorrow, chief meteorologist doug kammerer has the forecast. >> if the game was today, you would be talking about the cooler number with jackets required. but tomorrow, a little bit of a different story. we'll zoom right down toward d.c. hosting -- the cardinals down here tomorrow, about 1:00. the official game time starts at 1:07. as we look toward the forecast for that game tomorrow, 67 degrees under partly sunny skies. i think a very nice day for baseball. it could be more clouds to start but i think more sunshine as the day goes on. if you're going to the game tomorrow, count yourself lucky. i think tomorrow's forecast is looking good. as far as our forecast goes, we're sitting at 62 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour under those cloudy skies. we'll continue to see the clouds
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through the night. the temperatures will be a little warmer than they have been. last night, temperatures were in the 40s and low 50s. today we're in the 50s to around 60 degrees in most locations. it will be another cool night but not nearly as cool as it has been. we're in for a little warm-up before we head right back down. i'll show you what i'm talking about in my forecast. all righty. in the race for the white house, mitt romney is enjoying a surge in poll numbers after his strong debate performance. he is campaigning in the midwest at an appearance in iowa. he became emotional when he recounted a chance meeting with glen dougherty. a massachusetts mative. he was killed last month in benghazi. meanwhile, president obama's campaign is using big bird to child romney for saying he'll end federal funding for public broadcasting. the satirical ad shows images of the convicted financiers including bernie madoff and it
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suggested that romney thinks it is more important to worry about sesame street than wall street. the republicans say that obama is focusing on inconsequential matters, rather than urge enissues like the economy and the middle east. the producer of sesame street have asked the obama campaign to stop using big bird. calling themselves a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. first lady michelle obama is getting ready to speak to supporters in loudoun county right now. this come a day after anne romney's visit to the richmond area. julie carey is live with a look at the fight for women voters in that battle ground state. julie? >> reporter: you can see the stage is emright now. the first lady is special to take the stage any minute now. this will be michelle obama's second rally in northern virginia in less than a month. it is a clear sign of how important the obama campaign believes virginia voters and in particular, virginia women are if the president is to win a
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second term. >> reporter: it is not billed as women for obama event but the majority of supporters happened to be female. both campaigns see women voters as key to victory. and in the aftermath of the debate, some polls show president obama's double digit gender gap, his huge advantage with women, has begun to disappear. suzanne heads up mitt romney's loudoun county victory effort. she thinks women are seeing romney in a new way since the debate. >> i think the debate gave people an unfiltered view of him. and showed how warm and personal he is. and what a devoted husband and father he is and that he does deeply care and understands the difficulties that women have been facing in this economy. >> reporter: sharon sadler is an engineer by trade. a lifelong republican. she is drawn to mitt romney because of his economic policies. social issues are secondary for her. >> i'm a big fan of the independents. having a strong economy so i can
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be financially independent. having a tax code that lets me remain financially independent. the health care, being able to pick my own health care options that fit me. >> reporter: both campaigns know the candidates' spouses are a powerful way to fire up female voters. ann romney was in the richmond area yesterday and the first lady comes to loudoun today. these obama supporters say they believe that tightening of the gender gap is only temporary. they say for women, president obama is the only choice. >> i have a daughter. it took a long time for women to gain what we have as far as rights and it would be taking a giant step backward to vote in romney. he is against, you know, the right for a woman to have control over her body. >> i know how he feels personally about education and i know what he has said about education. and almost every woman with a child cares about education and cares about health care. so those are the two main issues that women are concerned about.
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>> reporter: so an eager crowd here waiting for the first lady. she should be on stage in the next few minutes. we'll bring you her remarks. julie cary, news4. a federal judge today scolded the former d.c. county chair for disobeying court orders. brown plead guilty to a felony this summer and was supposed to check in by tephone each week. but he didn't. tom sherwood is here now with the story. >> you can ask any lawyer, if you're facing the jail sentence, you don't want to anger the judge. >> reporter: kwame brown was ordered to court tuesday for failing to check in weekly before he sentenced in november for a felony branch fraud. last summer brown, a former rising star in city politics, resigned his chairmanship and left city politics. his career in ruins. at his guilty plea last summer, he promised to coop. but judge richard leon was told
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tuesday, he had three times failed to check in as required. brown attempted to apologize. your apology is a little late in the game. what's your excuse, the judge said, cutting off brown? you must be extremely careful. you don't want to know what the next step is. judge leon ordered brown from now on to check in personally at the court once a week. and to adhere to a curfew from 11:00 p.m. at night until 6:30 in the morning. brown's attorney for ed cook said his client had gotten the message that he could be jailed if he disobeyed the court again. >> is he clear now on what his pretrial release conditions are? >> mr. brown is clear about those. he has always been clear. there was some glitches. i think he is very focused now and he'll walk the straight and narrow path between now and the sentencing day. >> again, brown will be sentenced in november. jim? >> thank you. prince george's county delegate tiffany alston pled guilty to misconduct charges. she used $800 of state money to
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pay an employee in her law office. she received three years probation and 300 hours of community service. she also has to reimburse the state. in a separate case, the maryland lawmaker also received probation for using campaign money to pay for her wedding expenses. we have much more ahead. a mother wants answers after her son dies when cops pepper spray him. locked and loaded. a passenger busted for trying to get on a flight i approve this message. mitt romney: "i'm not in favor romney's being dishonest here an independent, non-partisan liberals will raise taxes on the chairman of that so-called romney's former company. gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true. a dond
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in the way. thousands have americans are waiting to life saving kidney donations and there are lots of reasons why the wait is so long. too few donors, problems finding a match, the list goes on and on. there's one reason you may not have heard before. doreen gentzler is here with that part of the story. >> think about it. what an amazing gift it is to share one of your kidneys with someone else. what if you made that difficult decision to do that and then were turned down because of your weight. >> never had time to volunteer for anything. and i've never been in a position where i could write a check for a cause that i believe in. and this was something i could do.
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>> reporter: kristine hall wanted to donate one of her kidneys to a total stranger. she said she didn't have any big reasons for doing so. just a desire to give something back. >> this was my chance to make a difference and do something for somebody. >> reporter: the medical people call her an altruistic donor. but they turned her down because she weighed too much. at 200 pounds, doctors told her she was too fat to donate. it is a problem that affects millions of americans and potential oregganiz organ donor. >> he is from med star georgetown university hospital. he says they don't keep track of how many donors are obese. but he is being forced to turn away more and more people because of their weight. >> one of the thing that we have learned is that obesity in organ donors is quite dangerous. >> reporter: that's because being overweight is a major risk factor for chronic ill gs that's can lead to kidney disease, and
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if you have just one kidney, that can kill you. >> so if we're making dangerous decions and not using our best judgments and end up creating the next group of folks that are going to need kidney transplants, we're really not serving the population. >> reporter: right now there's no national weight limit for donors but about 10% of hospitals including georgetown require donors to have a body mass index under 35. christine took that as a challenge. >> i was determined to see it through. the only obstacle was totally unmy control. >> reporter: she work with georgetown doctors and nutritionists to lose the weight. 40 pounds in about six months. her motivation? saving somebody's life. >> because it was a match for me. and he was waiting. so i was on a mission. i was eating for two. so every time i was tempted to eat something i shouldn't, i thought about him. >> reporter: she continued to drop the weight even after the
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surgery. she lost a total of 85 pounds. >> you know, i owe him as much as he owes me. because he gave me the motivation to do something i've wanted to do for years. so in a way i feel like i got more than i gave. he gave me the gift of good health. >> reporter: quite a motivation and quite a success story. doctors at a lot of hospitals including georgetown will work with potential donors to help them lose the weight so they can donate an organ. they also make sure that patients are willing to change their lifestyle so they can stay healthy after the organ donation is over. >> that is certainly a powerful reason for change. >> it sure is. >> good for her. thanks. doug joins us now on this cool day. you were out and about on your old stomping grounds. >> the hernandez resting area at an elementary school that is right down the street from my old house. i told them 5:15. it is 5:16.
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we're a little bit late. all 600 of you out there today. this is first through sixth grade. and buzz aldrin elementary, this school was brand new when i lived in that area 20 years ago. now there you go. there's the first grade kids in the front and you can see the sixth graders. they are back in the back once again. 600 kids out there had a great time all across that area, talking all about the weather. a phenomenal time going out there. i appreciate you having me out there. buzz aldrin elementary school. hello to all the kids. as far as our weather is concerned, it is on the cool side. you know the biggest question they had? what do you think it was? jim and wendy are not listening to me. it is okay. go about your business. it was snow. how much snow are we going to get? the win forecast coming up. that's coming up fairly soon. 62 degrees, the temperature out there. the winds out of the northeast at seven miles per hour. look at the number. 61 in leesburg. 57 in gaithersburg. 59 in win chester and 62 in fredericksburg. as you look at the rain, no rain
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out there right now. i would be surprised to see one or two sprinkles around town this evening as we are looking at a little bit of a system passing overhead. another little coast aal system toward the east. it is going to stay cool. the showers should stay off toward the east overnight. by tomorrow, that area of low pressure lifts out and we see some nice weather move in here. i think tomorrow will be a pretty nice day after some morning clouds. we should be a-okay. especially for the nats game. it should be a great day for a ball game of maybe a little on the cool side. especially if the clouds stick around. if you're not in the shade, okay. the high pressure sticks around for thursday. thursday looking great. once again, we'll have a game on thursday. plenty of sunshine. high temperatures a little cooler into the low to middle 60s. this evening, more clouds, still cool. 53 to about 57 degrees. the winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow, up for another cool start. not as cool. it could be some areas of fog.
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maybe even some drizzle. the winds will be on the light side. tomorrow's forecast, clouds to start. some clearing late. and warmer. the temperatures, 67 to about 72 degrees. the winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles an hour. over the next couple days, 64 on your thursday. 67 on friday. 67 on saturday. so some nice days there. and then nice and warm on sunday with a high temperature coming in at about 75 degrees. monday, also, looking like it will be on the warm side. >> slept. >> you had a big crowd there. turning your back to us. >> we heard that. >> we heard your buzz aldrin wake-up call. >> you're paying attention now. i see how it is. >> you had a big crowd there. they were great. >> that's wonderful. up next on news4 at 5:00, the problem that forced amtrak to bring the morning commute to a screeching halt. >> we'll tell why you a woman filed a $15 million lawsuit against a local police officer. >> reporter: this may look like an abandoned apartment but
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people actually live here. coming up on news4, the deplorable conditions some prince george's county residents are living with. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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the proof may have been caught on video. all right. >> we've got three games here if necessary. you would think the nationals are in the drivers seat. >> of course they are. >> this is good. i'm feeling good about it. the nationals had four all-stars on the team this year. if they're going to make it to the world series, the nationals' studs are going to need some help. we saw it against the cardinals in game one with back-up tyler moore getting the game winning
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hit. another under the radar candidate primed to turn on the spotlight. catcher kurt suzuki. he has fit right in since joining the nats this summer. >> reporter: they called him kurt clutch in his younger days. it still fits here with the washington nationals. >> when clutch hits, kurt suzuki got into this ball club since he came over from the a's. >> reporter: he has had a wild two months in washington. >> how hard was it to acclimate to a whole new pitching staff and team clubhouse? >> it takes a while. you know? being with one organization your whole career and then you trade over. it is kind of surreal and a little shock. but like i said, the guys made it so much easier. >> reporter: the shock has turned into awe. on just how well he has fit in and how quickly he has made the impact. >> the way he handles the pitching staff. defensively behind the plate he is so consistent. he gets big hit after big hit. driving in the runs, he is a
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calming influence for the pitchers. >> i remember the first day he comes in, you switch team and you try to get the catcher to understand what you want to do out there. i went up and started talking to him and i did not even need to say anything. he had already watched video on me so he had done his prep work. he had probably not been on the team 24 hours. he goes out and plays hard every day. >> he weaseled his way in, that's what happened. i think he is a good guy, man. i think not only as a teammate but as a friend. he is unbelievable. great family, you know. got great background. >> reporter: this is where suzuki really shines. it didn't take him long at all to figure out the right thing to say to each guy. >> he finds out what makes us successful pitch wise and mentally and everything. so like i said, all around pro back there. and we're really lucky to have
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him. >> gain that respect and the trust. there is a lot of things that go into it. not just going out there, it can be a transition but it has been going smoothly so far and it has been, you know, progressing nicely. >> sometime the way we think kind of weird out of this world stuff. so he has his head on his shoulders and we're trying to figure out what's up. >> reporter: they know they can always count on the new guy who has the suitable nickname, kurt clutch. giving the nats what they need exactly when they need it. carol maloney, news4 sports. >> when the nats traded for suzuki, it was because he was an experienced catcher but he has been a very pleasant surprise at the plate as well with his bat. game three, nats and cards tomorrow at 1:07. edwin jackson on the mound. this is a crucial game for the nationals. they would take the 2-1 series lead. clearly in the drivers seat.
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you have to see both sides out in in st. louis. >> game one was a game they shouldn't have won. and then game two was a game they just got absolutely bombed. and about midway through the game, okay, this isn't going their way. let's get it over. with let's get back to nationals parg. they clearly feel a lot more comfortable at home genls tagai cardinals. our team coverage continues of the nats' game tomorrow. up next, pat collins hit the streets to get folks' excuses for going to the game tomorrow instead of going to the office. there is a new report that reveals guy dies after
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getting pepper sprayed. jerry sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison. earlier today the judge issued a 30 to 60-year sentence to the former penn state assistant
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coach. sandusky was found guilty of 45 counts of child sex abuse earlier this year. he maintains his innocence and his legal team says it will appeal. the former d.c. council chair now has a curfew and required court visits as part of his presentencing release. a judge ordered him to return to court after he missed three weekly check-in call. the judge ordered him not to make another mistake. he'll be sentenced in a corruption case next month. let's fast forward to the weather. >> looking out there right now. some cloud cover moving in across the area. the temperatures have been held down today but at least we're a little warmer than we were yesterday. i think we'll see those numbers into the low 40s to low 50s, as you make your way through the early morning hours tomorrow. tomorrow morning could greet us with few other things, too. we'll talk about that coming up in the forecast. a mother is looking for some answers from police in montgomery county about the death of her son. he died last night after a confrontation with police in which he was pepper sprayed. jackie benson join us live from
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gaithersburg where she talked to that mother today. jackie? >> reporter: well, neighbors tell us that this man's behavior had grown increasingly erratic and they felt unsafe. his mother tells news 4, she is still not sure exactly what happened. >> i talked to him at 4:30 on monday before this all happened. and i knew that he is really the worst i've ever seen him. >> reporter: karen jones said it was mother's instinct that led her to the clarksburg townhouse where her 39-year-old son nathan died monday night. she said it was the end of a long heart breaking struggle for her son and her family that began when nathan was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 18. >> so he's had it for 20 something years. he lived with me for six of those years. and he was in the state hospital for a little while and he ended up, because he was there, we got first choice of going into
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family services and getting him into an apartment. montgomery county police say they responded to the group home on taylor shop place just before 5:00 p.m. for a 911 call that a man later identified as nathan jones, was threatening his roommates with a knife and a hammer. they say he was pepper sprayed when he refused to obey officers' orders. we're told that jones was treated for the exposure to the pepper spray. officers noticed he had trouble breathing. they called the ambulance back. and jones died a short time later at a local hospital. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from montgomery county police. reporting live in gaithersburg, jackie benson. news4. a woman is suing the prince george's county sheriff's department for 15 mmpb million. she said she was raped while in custody. she said she was awaiting a court experience at the prince george's county courthouse and the deputy sheriff lamar mcintyre took her into a holding cell, raped her and took pictures. the alleged incident happened in june. in july, mcintyre was criminally
5:34 pm
charged in this case. >> when you have a situation where you have law enforcement, sworn officers who are sexually assaulting women, making derogatory sexual comments to women, that has to stop now. >> reporter: mcintyre is facing 12 separate charges of rape, sex assault, and misconduct in office. the sheriff's department has not commented on the $15 million lawsuit. they're rolling again. amtrak trains are back to normal once again between d.c. and delaware. train service was disrupted all morning long because of downed wires near aberdeen. at union station, people headed north were forced to make alternate plans. the power outage also affected marc train but things are back to normal for the evening rush hour. tomorrow's evening rush hour is going to be a little bit crazy. nat fans will be in a frenzy. tomorrow's playoff game is right in the middle of the day. right in the middle of the week. some folks will have to get creative about how they're going to get out of work so they can get to the park. news4's pat collins joins us.
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he is at the mark with how some people will make it happen. >> reporter: this is what we have here. an historic playoff game right in the middle of a workday. how are we going to get around that? well, listen to the mask. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ take me out to the crowd >> now, just a minute. hold on. that game is tomorrow. tomorrow is wednesday. wednesday is a workday. it starts at 1:00! how are we going to deal with that? >> you're out of here! >> reporter: first we're going to need some protection. this catcher's mask will shield our identity as we collect excuses to tell our bosses so that we can play ball! >> excuses, excuses, excuses. animal stories. >> my dog got hit by a car this
5:36 pm
morning. my favorite pup. and i won't be able to make it into work. >> my cat is sick. >> reporter: your cat. i hate that. >> my grandmother's cat -- >> reporter: your grandmother's cat. and that cat requires a lot of -- >> and i had to go to pittsburgh. >> reporter: that's going to take all day. >> all day. >>. ♪ buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks ♪ ♪ i don't care if i never come back ♪ >> reporter: excuses, excuses, excuses. high-tech tales. >> my dog ate my computer. >> reporter: that's so bad when your dog eats your computer. it used to be just your homework. internet is down. the entire internet. rur can't do anything. >> i can't. i can't do any work. >> reporter: it's very upsetting. >> i am so-up set that i can't do anything today. >>. ♪ it's root, root, root for the nationals ♪ ♪ if they don't win it's a shame ♪ >> reporter: excuses, excuses,
5:37 pm
excuses. >> are you going to play sick? >> i have to. >> reporter: what are you going to tell the boss? i have to start coughing the day before. >> reporter: give me a good cough. [ coughing ] >> reporter: that's awful. is it hot in here or is it just me? >> it takes me an hour to get into maryland, go see my doctor, and -- >> reporter: a couple hours. no point even going to work. >> i i can't. there's no way i can make it to work. >> reporter: there's only one place you can go. >> the nationals game! ♪ it's one, two, three, strikes you're out at the old ball game ♪ >> reporter: now, if you have any good excuses, share. send them to nbc and we'll spread the word. live from southeast, pat collins, news4. >> i feel so bad about that grandmother's cat.
5:38 pm
he has to go, what a nice guy. >> boy, you need that face mask. >> on the singing voice, you might want to tweak the voices so you don't recognize the singing voices next time, pat. >> reporter: i'll work on it. coming up at 5:00, two years after a tourist is murdered while on a jet ski tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account
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and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything.
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trimming fraud case. take a look at this man. did you pay him for services he never completed? as he tree trimmer. his name is john kennedy jr. he took money from a sterling zen for tree trimming but he never did any work, telling the victim he worked for a company called action tree service. he is being held in jail without bond and police believe there could be other victims.
5:42 pm
the man is facing weapons charges after trying to bring this through a security check point of reagan national airport last week. the gun was detected by tsa agents and the man's carry-on bags friday. from there, tsa contacted police. police confiscated the .9 millimeter semiautomatic, the ammunition and the magazine. the passenger was cited, but then allowed to continue on his flight to dallas. >> confederate memorial park. it was recently vandalized and police believe it was a hate crime. someone spray painted swas particul, swastikas. they hung a rope around the statue of a shoulder. they believe the crime happened in mid cement. still ahead, the deplorable conditions. some residents say they're forced to live in. >> a tv host faints during a
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
fires and easy ways to prevent them. there are big problems tonight at some apartment buildings in prince george's county. some residents there are dealing
5:46 pm
with everything from holes in the ceiling to bed bugs. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins got a firsthand look at the conditions and talked to some of the people living in these awful conditions. >> reporter: these renters are fed up and taking their protests right to property management. >> we're not being responded to a crisis that is now even to the point of a civil rights crisis. >> reporter: the issues revolve around the more than 1,000 units located off university boulevard in languageley park inside the bedford station and newborn square parts. they were acquired and out of town investment bank. it is managed by the group with offices in the west and midwest. >> partially bordered businesses are only part of it. they say they've had reports of lead poisoning due to the paint inside the apartments. bed bugs and other infestations. they're saying the only way to get management to respond to
5:47 pm
them is to take them to court. sandra lopez said her floors have been stripped to the support beams for a year now. the work to replace the floors started, then stopped. you can see through the holes in the floor to the apartment beneath because it is missing a ceiling. >> and one of the other men that live here, he was standing there and he almost fell through because of the huge hole. so that's what is covering that up. >> reporter: then there are the complaints about the arm security that patrols the apartment complexes. this resident and father says he was beaten by security outside his apartment because he didn't have i.d. >> i asked him, will you stop because my kids were in the wind ov , the window and they were crying. >> reporter: i was told you are part of the security forceful when we tried going to security they directed us to manage many. our calls were not returned. county officials say they are
5:48 pm
aware of the issues and they've given building management until october 20th to make repairs. if significant strides are not made, the next step could be court. tracee wilkins, news4. let's send it back to doug and take a look at the forecast. >> take a look at the cloud cover. did you notice, we were a little warmer today. almost by about ten degrees in some locations. 10 to 15 degrees where we were yesterday. the high was 55. so far today we've been around 64 degrees. right now at 61. the winds out of the northeast at seven miles per hour. we're going to continue to see the cloud cover. we'll continue with the cooler numbers. they were at 48 yesterday. right now they're at 58. right now, 59 and toward the area. the clouds makes it feel cooler than. that is today a lot cooler, the cloud cover continues. we've seen more clouds come in. we saw some clearing and. >> some areas and then the cloud moved back in.
5:49 pm
another storm moves through the region. that little storm was not going to bring us much in the way of rain. maybe a sprinkle or two but that will be about it. what we will see from this is some cooler air that comes in over the next couple days and the clouds will move out of here down to the low 40s in the west. 43 in winchester. 45, leesburg. about 53 inside the district. toward fredericksburg, around 47 degrees. as you wake up and walk out the door tomorrow, it could be some fog and cloud cover. then tomorrow afternoon, i think we'll start to break out of that cloud cover. we'll see some mild numbers. about five to ten degrees warmer than it was today. highs in the upper 60s, back to the west along the i-81 corridor. about 71 in washington and 72 in fredericksburg. a nice day, especially a nice afternoon after a lot of cloud cover early. and that leads to the game down at nats park tomorrow. as you make your way through the washington, d.c. area, for game three. looking good tomorrow. first pitch, actually, 1:07.
5:50 pm
temperature around 67 degrees under partly cloudy skies. i think wee see some cloud cover but also some sunshine throughout the game. pretty nice. you may still need the jackets. once again, not bad at all. as we look at the next couple days, 67 on friday, 67 on saturday. we'll be quite chilly. most of you in the 30s. in the city, temperature in the low to mid 40s as we make our way into sunday. our winds shift and our temperatures go up. 75 on sunday. 74 on monday. >> you like that. here's some of the top stories trending online today. >> they've made the nominations for the american music awards. they announced them today and the r & b star led the pack with four apiece. rihanna was nominated artist of the year. minaj nominated for the best
5:51 pm
album in the pop rock and hip hop categories. just yip beein bieber and maroo. >> are you okay? okay. >> what it does is it gives us an opportunity -- >> does the show really must go on here? even if it is the shopping channel, qvc, and your co-host faints during a sales pitch. the guest host began patting her chest and appeared to faint. the camera quickly cuts from the scene and the host dan hughes picks up and continues the pitch. thanks for nothing, dan. yestery, she said her facebook, on her facebook page, she was feeling a lot better. she didn't elaborate. another host said she fainted because of low blood sugar. >> too bad he wasn't selling a defibrillator. exactly. a new report shows the top causes of home fires and easy ways to prevent them. and new ways to stop scammers in their tracks. western union and the better business bureau team up to show consumers how.
5:52 pm
plus, calorie counts will be showing up on vending machines. there go the cheetos. liz crenshaw is here with more. >> here is a frightening number. more than 2,000 people die in fires every year in this country in their own homes. the u.s. consumer product safety commission issued a report today stating, kitchen fires involving equipment as the top cause for home fires. it reports heating and oil equipment as the top cause of home fire deaths. they demonstrated the danger of fires, including setting fires in the kitchen, and the bedroom. official agree home fires happen all too often in the united states. >> six people die every day, every day in the united states from home fires. the big difference that smoke alarms make is significant. fatalities can be cut in half by consumers who install fire
5:53 pm
alarms in their house. >> the cpsc says to install them on every level of your home and inside each bedroom. a fire escape plan that you and your family develop and practice will also help to keep you safe. now on to a new way to stay educated on the latest scams that conartists use. the better business union launched the bbb with new resources on how to stop fraud. we have warn but fake check scams, employment scams and lottery scams in the past. and this new site will provide tips and information to avoid becoming a victim. users can also sign up to receive free scam alerts and can file complaints on the site about scams. you can visit nbc and search scam stopper to find that bbb western union site. finally, you'll be able to get the calorie count of your favorite sodas right on the buttons of your vending machines.
5:54 pm
the makers of coke, pepsi, dr. pepper are behind the new program. the machines are set to roll out next year and are going to encourage customers to get the low calorie options. you see that 140 and you'll push it in. maybe you'll push diet coke, i guess. i don't know. >> thank you. coming up next at 5:00, two years after the death of a tourist in mexico, a major break in the case. coming up at 6:00, maryland's casino battle has hit a college campus. we'll tell you about that. a word of caution about hiv wid
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
of junk. those stories and more coming up. a possible break tonight in the case of an american tourist who was killed while jet skiing with his wife on a lake that straddles the u.s./mexican bored he. >> the mexican navy says it has captured a command here may be responsible for the murder. he is known as the squirrel. >> while american authorities have yet to confirm the arrest, natalie morales talked to the victim's widow about these developments. >> reporter: it was two years ago when tiffany hartley last saw her husband david. they had gone jet skiing on a lake that borders mexico when david was shot and killed.
5:58 pm
>> i was thrown back two years ago. and feeling the same emotions and wondering, is this going to be it? like i am a finally going to get what i've been looking for? >> reporter: tiffany said she was surprised by the news of the arrest of martinez. the so-called squirrel. she hope the arrest leads to finding david's body. >> that's been our call ever since day one, you know? that david would be found and that his remains would be returned so we can, you know, honor him the way that he wanted to be. but as a family, be able to find that closure. >> reporter: on monday the mexican navy announced they had been able to arrest the drug leader. he was captured this weekend in mexico after a shoot-out with authorities and is suspected of multiple murders in northern mexico. >> all we know is the mexico authorities have captured somebody and they have him detained and who possibly had something to do with david's murder. and also, the other murders
5:59 pm
along the board. >> reporter: hartley that she has yet to hear from u.s. or mexico an officials about the arrest. >> we always have to be hopeful. this will move forward to him being prosecuted or david's remains being found. finding some closure. there is comfort in that. knowing that david hasn't been forgotten. >> hartley said he doesn't know whether martinez will be brought to trial for her husband's murder or any of the other crimes where he remains a suspect. >> that includes the slaughter of 72 migrants in the northern state in 2010. right now at 6:00, the first lady's message to voters in virginia. jerry sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison but he is still defiant and claim he is the victim. >> if you're planning to go to the first postseason home game for the nats, you may have to get a little creative. mitt romney in the polls.


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